Environmental Policy

As an employee of Blue Rock Construction you must work with us to control our operations in a manner which reflects good environmental management.

Every effort must be made to minimise noise, dust, emissions, traffic disruption and disturbance to general public. The following procedures must be put into place wherever possible:

Noise reduction:

No swearing or shouting on site

No excessively loud music that will upset customer or neighbours

Turn off all machinery when not in use

Do not use noisy machinery before 8 am weekdays or 9am on weekends and Bank Holidays


If working inside please use dust sheets or screens to minimise disruption to customers

When working outside use screens or scaffold to protect vegetation and passers by from dust or debris

Emission of pollutants

Do not smoke on site, smoking area is always available just off site.

Do not leave machinery running if not in use, always switch off.

If using chemicals or other hazardous substances please make sure you wear all relevant safety equipment and ensure the customer, public and other staff are away from area.

Company Vehicles

You must not smoke in company vehicles

Do not make unnecessary journeys in vehicles and share lifts wherever possible

Do not leave vehicle engines running when not in use

Always park considerately, do not block driveways or entrances without permission.

Do not use your horn unnecessarily particularly early in morning or in evenings


Please encourage and help us to recycle all waste. Reduce, Re-Use and Recycle.

Please separate soil, hardcore, metal, paper, wood and plastic to help us recycle. And use the separate waste skips at the yard.

Sustaining environment:

Wherever possible move plants, shrubs, trees to new location during building works

Replant trees, shrubs, grass and plants when jobs are completed to replace anything that had to be removed during works.