How to find a recommended builder??


Ask a friend

When you are looking for a reputable builder you can trust; talk to friends and find out if they know a builder they can recommend. A recommended builder will often give you that extra ‘peace of mind’.


Find a builder who is registered with a professional body

Look for a builder that is affiliated to a professional body. There are many different professional bodies; one of which, the FMB has about 11,000 vetted members around the UK and has a tool on their website called Find a Builder


Find a builder using ‘Government endorsed standards’

TrustMark is a not-for-profit organisation, licensed by the Government and supported by consumer protection groups. TrustMark has a website where you can use your postcode to find reliable builders working to Government endorsed standards.


Look for builders that are working locally

Look as you drive around your local area for builder’s vans / boards. Reputable builders tend to work in their local area.  Stop and look at the work the builders are doing.


Always ask for a written quotation

When looking for a builder always ask for a written quotation. A good builder will list exactly what is included within the quotation for the price stated. This can save much confusion, anxiety and extra expense once the project has started.


Check references and look at previous jobs

Ask for written references preferably for previous jobs carried out locally, then speak to those customers and ideally, visit and inspect the work.  Also ask the customer their opinion of the builder, how they would rate their workmanship and any other concerns you might have.


Ask for a contract from your builder

When you have chosen your builder, do not allow work to commence without first agreeing the building contract. A building contract will make it clear who is responsible for what during your project. It will also set out clearly your payment structure.