Do I need planning permission?

There are some types of development and minor works that can be carried out without the need to apply for planning permission. These are known as 'permitted development'.

To find out if you need planning permission, contact your local planning office or look online at the interactive guides at the planning portal .

The planning portal also provides a mini guide with information about planning permission for house extensions and other common projects.

How do I apply for planning permission?

You need to go through certain steps to get planning permission:

What is building regulations approval?

Most building work has to meet building regulations to make sure it’s safe. Contact your local building control team to find out whether your project needs building regulations approval.

How can I get building regulation approval?

Pre - site approval:

There are two common ways to apply for building regulations,

1. You can apply for Building Regulations approval from your local authority Building Control Service by submitting a full plans application.

2. You can apply for Building Regulations approval from your local authority Building Control Service by giving a building notice.

On - site approval:

The Building Control Service will make inspections as the work progresses to ensure compliance with the building regulations and other allied legislation.

If you are carrying out building work you are required, under the Building Regulations, to give the local authority notice of when the work has reached a particular stage.

When these stages are reached the work should pause to give the authority time to make an inspection. They will advise you if the work does not comply with the Building Regulations.

If a local authority believes that your building work contravenes the Building Regulations, they may serve you with an enforcement notice requiring you to alter or remove work which contravenes the regulations. If you believe that your work does comply and you may appeal against this notice.


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