Working Policy

All employees are expected to help us maintain our good reputation. Disciplinary action will be taken if these rules are not adhered to.



All employees must wear their uniform at all times and it is the employee’s responsibility to keep uniform clean and tidy.



No employee can smoke on site or in any company vehicles.


Site Cleanliness and Safety 

The site should be thoroughly tidied and cleaned at the end of each day.

Dust sheets must be used on all inside flooring.

All tools must be put away in the correct places.

Any trip hazards or holes must be clearly cordoned off.



All company vehicles must be kept clean and tidy.

All vehicles must be driven safely, considerately and within speed limits.

All vehicles must be parked considerately.



You should always speak politely to all customers. If you are unable to answer their queries please let Tony know.

Remember you are in their home; ask before entering parts of their house and wherever possible ask before using any of their property.

No swearing in or around their home. Be considerate at all times.

No charging mobile phones in their homes.